Dante Villa


Engaged in automatic turnery since 1937

Our company has operated in automatic turnery in the industrial sector since 1937, engaged in the production of precision metallic parts to the customer’s design. With the availability of technologically-advanced equipment, we can meet the most varied needs of the mechanics industry, especially automotive, hydraulic and pneumatic components, as well as the production of a vast range of ball bearings to the customer’s design.

The operational division is equipped with automatic multi-spindle lathes, mechanical and servo-controlled with CNC, which enable special parts to be made, furnished with variable diameters and hexagons from 3 to 70 millimetres, which can be recovered and finished thanks to the use of grinders for both exteriors and interiors, milling machines and assembly plants. A washing and surface finishing division carries out new requests, according to the most complex specifications of granulometric cleaning, with the aim of delivering finished products to the customer that meet the most demanding requests.


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